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What happens after I fill out a Book Now form?


After you fill out a Book Now form with a tentative date & time for your lesson &/or birthday party, you should receive a thank you e-mail from Bee In Motion. We try to get in contact with you within 72 hrs to confirm this information, discuss any questions you may have.


What if I do not know any of your coaches, therefore don’t know which coach to choose on the form? 


Perfectly ok to just choose a coach that is listed because this at least means they are available. Once we see where you are located and what service you are interested in, then we confirm our coach's availability and reach out to you to double confirm this.


What equipment does my child need to bring for a sports(s) lesson?

Our coaches will bring the necessary equipment to run drills and games for your child’s lesson. After connecting with your coach, you can determine together what your child might need to bring, whether it’s their own bike, helmet, lacrosse stick, soccer ball, basketball ball, glove, racket, etc. We recommend a bottle of water, secure sneakers, comfortable clothes (if necessary- hats & gloves).

What happens during your Bee In Motion Birthday Parties?

After your important details (which birthday package is right for you) is confirmed, you will receive a google calendar invite followed by a text confirmation from coach(es) running your party.

While we have run specific flag football or soccer games for 8-10 children, most of our parties don’t focus on one sport, but include a variety of sports and fun games that all kids love to play. All kids are active participants, no one is a spectator. Sometimes even our parents get involved during dodgeball or the relay races!


Options include… our coaches run games for an 1 to 1.5 hrs & then you take over for food, gifts etc. or like the majority of our parties; our coaches run the games, take a quick break for food/drinks, then run more games, the break for Happy Birthday dessert & end with one more game.


Coaches help with settling the children, handing out food, getting children organized for group pictures & a happy birthday song for the birthday child! We also have professional photographers as a special add-on if interested. Kids will shake hands (give a pound) after group games, coaches will often switch teams, so all kids get to play with one another and it will be a positive, happy inclusive, fun experience for all participants.


What if I don’t own a bike?

Unfortunately, we no longer can supply bikes for our clients because of logistics, but we do have a solution if you are in Manhattan. Go to Master Bike, the owner is Imbert & he has been a huge supporter of Bee In Motion for over 15 years. Our very own coach Lawrence works there too! Master Bike is located on 72nd & West End Ave to rent a bike for $25.00 on top of our lesson fee.

If you have children with special needs or need financial assistance to book a lesson, please email and tell us your story. We believe every family should have access to our services.

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