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My name is Brian F. Loesch and I am a full-time Physical Education and Swim teacher at Columbia Grammar School in Manhattan, NY. Athletics have always been an integral part of my life and helped shape the man I am today. Sports and fitness not only improve our physical health, but builds confidence, mental focus, social and leadership skills. Growing up on Long Island, I participated in cross-country, soccer, football, wrestling, basketball, baseball and lacrosse earning varsity letters and captaining many teams. In college, I starred as an offensive/defensive midfield for Bucknell University but my dedication eventually led me to play every position on the field (outside of goalie) and to be named team captain my senior year.

In 2001, I taught second through third grade children an array of subjects in Wellington, New Zealand and in the following years I coached and played lacrosse, organized clinics and provided camps for children (ages 5-18) in the United Kingdom. My various teaching experiences along with my athletic/leadership skills led me to a career in teaching physical education/swim and fueled me with a passion for coaching sports/fitness & organizing active, fun birthday parties for children, as well as, running group fitness classes for adults.

I am truly grateful that I founded Bee In Motion to share my enthusiasm for sports, fitness and healthy living with children and adults. Everybody deserves the opportunity to experience the passion and personal development that only athletics and fitness can inspire, and with the alarming rate of obesity in our country, fitness education is more important than ever. Bee In Motion offers more than just a physical experience for children, we offer a lifestyle choice for you and your child.

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